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I am definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I never desired to be for everyone. Especially the tea sippers who toss their pink in the air pretending they are something they are not. Your drinking the nectar of peasants if you ask me. Sure your refined ect. But your boring as FUCK!

No I much rather consider myself a well aged scotch. Not everyone’s taste buds will appreciate me but that is what makes me so special. For some I will burn their pallet while those who understand a scotch will find me smooth and delectable. Only a real man can handle me.

cuckold clean up boy

Now before you stand there flexing your wanna be muscles. You are not a man cause you have some biceps or a tone body. Hell no. What makes you a man is the muscle down between your legs. See most of you tea fuckers have nothing there which is why your content to sip tea on a sunny afternoon with finger sandwiches.

The scotch guys have a massive cock and enjoy a wild ride on a leather couch. For the scent of leather and sex is well intoxicating. See you tea sipper will be the cuck in my scenario. The one wishing from a distance you had what it took to fuck a full body woman like myself. Yet you know your dick will let you down.

So you just watch the real men fuck me and then wait for me to find some pathetic use for you. Clean up boy sounds rather nice. You get to be near my pussy and well I get the cum licked from it. Rather a win win in my cuckold books.

Now the number is below if you feel your up to be my cuckold clean up boy then give me a call. If not then .. .Well like I give a fuck what you do. Just ask for FemDom Shiva.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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