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This supreme femdom mistress has been in a bit of a mood lately. One that I havent been able to put my finger on as to what is the cause of it. My usual go to things to bring a ray of sunshine to my day are just not doing it. Even a Halloween inspired pedicure has left me feeling rather blah.

castration phone sex fantasy

Then in dawned on me the other afternoon. What has been missing from my weekly routine. Castration phone sex fantasies. Sure you may scoff at that but I am rather serious!

Usually I get 2-5 castration fantasies a week which elevate my mood. How could it not really when you think about it. Inflicting pain upon men and removing their testicles for fun. Its been weeks since I got to carve up a mans genitals. So you can see how this femdom is feeling not quite herself.

I am missing my Vitamin C!

Castration that is.

So where are all those men who love the idea of a woman making them completely useless and chopping off those balls? Dont worry I am not going to make it a quick process after all this is for my enjoyment. My amusement. I will take my sweet ever loving time.

Or perhaps that is what scares you that I will take my time and stretch out the agony. The pain.

No that cant be it!

Well dont keep me waiting too long for I hate this urge to become something more sinister. You know the number to call to reach myself, Goddess Shiva. If you shall find the details on how to call right below.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Normally I am not one for letting someone like you near my perfect voluptuous body. Only real men get to enjoy such a treasure. You are of course not a real man. Some pathetic excuse that some how gets the ranking of man but we both know you are far from it.

However today perhaps the fact that I got fuck by such an amazing man has me in a good mood. A rather giving mood. That I shall let you. A beta man near my perfect bbw body.

No its not to fuck it. Please I am not in that good of a mood. Its more so you can see what a well fucked plump, delectable pussy looks like. One that has been serviced properly. Yes for those of you worthless fucks out there this is where you get introduced to being a cuck. Except I have no desire to entertain any sort of relationship with you. Perhaps with your wallet but never with you.

See what you can do is enjoy the creamy jizz that is nestled within my wonderful pussy. That shaved pussy that is glistening from another mans cum. The cum of a real man worthy of fucking such a divine goddess like myself.

Yes I know this is where your use to being. On your knees tucked between my thunder thighs of delight. Lapping up the cum of another man. Hoping if you ingest his ball nectar you will become strong like him.

Please that will not happen. For he was born a strong man. A man that will take control of all things. You never were. You are unable to be a man in control in the bedroom. Most of all unable to take control of a strong woman like myself. So here you are kneeling before me lapping up the cream pie I present to you like a fool.

Welcome to being a cuckold.

Now for those ready and eager to continue with their cuckold training by all means call me. The number is below. Your phone sex femdom awaits.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Is my cock too small?

Things the weak minded often as a Phone Sex Femdom. Really if you must ask then the answer will always be YES!

Here is the funny part I never have to ask a small dick man how tiny their cock is for them just asking tells me they probably fall in the 2-3 inch category when flaccid and if they are lucky they reach 5 inches hard but we are talking about the exceptional. Your wondering how I know this?

phone sex femdom

Well I have done enough SPH  phone sex calls to know that men will not ask if they have the equipment to satisfy a woman first off. Secondly, they always fall below average. And that is the average small dick size. Course for my own personal amusement I do make you say how big it is hard and soft for it brings me such a chuckle to listen to you justify the size.

See Mistress the day I measured it Mercury was in retrograde and well I just got out of the lake and it hadnt recovered from the glacier cold water. Yes I know! *yawn* Tell me more excuses.

Shall admit do these excuses actually work? Do you find some woman who is all thats alright baby I know its just a shy little turtle let me look after it?

Cause this Phone Sex Femdom is not buying it for one minute. Not that you expect me to if you have read any of my blogs or talked to me on the phone. I have little room for excuses on small dick. Though I do enjoy making fun of your short comings. Will fully admit to that.

Anyways enough with the banter. You can reach me through the number below for some SPH phone sex. I know I could use a good laugh today.

Just ask for FemDom Shiva


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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The other week a certain admirer of my castration phone sex blogs was finally able to contact me. Seems our schedules had yet to line up so he was constantly being teased by my writings on his favorite fetish. Well lucky for him and we rather unlucky for his balls our schedules managed to sync up.

castration fantasy

Our interaction began with him showering me in compliments. Heads up future callers you can never go wrong with flattering your Phone Mistress, for we do enjoy being gushed over. We than began a discussion on his castration fetish and well how he enjoys the build up of the ball chopping fantasy.

Those that have read my blogs will know that I enjoy a good build up when it comes to making someone a eunuch as well. Its rather nice to take your time vs rush to the slicing. I want you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Those balls full and plump before I take them and add them to my collection. Surely you can agree you want your last time with your balls to be a memorable one.

As we had a rather nice discussion over teasing ones balls before removing them. The castration fantasy just sort of morphed for that. It was a slow seamless transition from talking about likes and dislikes to please lay down in the bed and allow me to torment you.

Ok so I didnt ask him so nicely to lay down there might of a been a bit of a push but he really did want it.

Now I could tell you all about how delicately I castrated him but like I said that would ruin the fun. For it was the teasing that lead up to the castration that created the best orgasm. So I shall merely tease you now with how things went after he was strapped down to my brass bed.

If you have a castration fantasy and are looking for someone to remove those useless testicles then you may give me a call.

Just ask for Mistress Shiva.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Being a fetish phone sex domina I have learned over the years that I shall not be everyone’s cup of tea. Nor to I really wish to be. For trying to please everyone is rather difficult and well who has that kind of time.

fetish phone domina

I most certainly dont.

So there are times I will turn a man down depending on his fetish or desire. Some find this rude and well I always look at it as ensuring you are happy as a submissive. Yes your job is to please me but really your need for happiness in serving is in there too. Not as high as my happiness but its up there some where.

Recently, a submissive wish to argue my point on what I considered by considerate in the way of refusing him. Now here is my stand point. As your fetish phone sex domina I dont have to explain myself. The minute you demand to know why I refuse to chat with you over your particular fetish is proving I have made the correct choice. For I WILL NOT stand for having unruly and rude submissives under my thumb.

Respect is key.

It works both ways. I give my submissives respect which means you best give it back in return or we will no longer have a relationship. Even a phone sex one!

So when I say I dont believe we will be a good fit for your fantasy what I am saying is that I dont believe what your looking for in the way of happiness will be achieved through myself. Your best to look at someone else who can accomidate you better.

Now yes there are a wide variety of fetish phone sex topics that I engage in but often times there is just something that strikes me as an ill fit. My gut is rarely wrong. So please once again respect that. Its for both our benefits.

As usual the number on how to reach me is below.

Mistress Shiva

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Valentines Day has come and gone! Must say as much as I enjoy getting lavished in flowers and chocolates its not what this phone sex domina wanted for the romantic holiday. Sure you pathetic subs were bowing at my delightful size 10 feet wishing to show your gratitude but no one was willing to give up what matter the most. YOUR BALLS!

castration fantasy phone sex domina

Yes I was in the mood for some castration fantasy. To spend some time slowly mutating your body from being a so called man into a eunuch.

For some of you out there you going “Shit how could I be so stupid not to give my manhood up to my phone sex domina.”

I say exactly!

Obviously I really do need to do the thinking and lay out the plans I have for you which means this blog should of come before the lovely hearts day so you knew what was expected of you. Which was to be naked from the waist down with your legs spread and your balls on display. So pathetic.

See now here was my thought process I didnt want to give you fair warning on the fact I wish to have a castration fantasy for Valentines Day for that meant you would of been a complete fuck up and masturbated until the roses and heart day. So I simply couldnt give you warning to have some fun.

No I wanted to see you show up with those balls full of cum saying how you wanted to give me a divine gift of servitude. That you had edged yourself for weeks so that your balls truly were a gift. Dont worry. I will go back to thinking your a fuck up and unable to think for yourself. Which means the last few days of February you best be ready to surrender your balls to me via a castration fantasy.

Wow that almost sounds like I am getting soft. Best take advantage of the few beats of my heart that seemed to have shown up.

As usual the number is down below.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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I am definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I never desired to be for everyone. Especially the tea sippers who toss their pink in the air pretending they are something they are not. Your drinking the nectar of peasants if you ask me. Sure your refined ect. But your boring as FUCK!

No I much rather consider myself a well aged scotch. Not everyone’s taste buds will appreciate me but that is what makes me so special. For some I will burn their pallet while those who understand a scotch will find me smooth and delectable. Only a real man can handle me.

cuckold clean up boy

Now before you stand there flexing your wanna be muscles. You are not a man cause you have some biceps or a tone body. Hell no. What makes you a man is the muscle down between your legs. See most of you tea fuckers have nothing there which is why your content to sip tea on a sunny afternoon with finger sandwiches.

The scotch guys have a massive cock and enjoy a wild ride on a leather couch. For the scent of leather and sex is well intoxicating. See you tea sipper will be the cuck in my scenario. The one wishing from a distance you had what it took to fuck a full body woman like myself. Yet you know your dick will let you down.

So you just watch the real men fuck me and then wait for me to find some pathetic use for you. Clean up boy sounds rather nice. You get to be near my pussy and well I get the cum licked from it. Rather a win win in my cuckold books.

Now the number is below if you feel your up to be my cuckold clean up boy then give me a call. If not then .. .Well like I give a fuck what you do. Just ask for FemDom Shiva.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Welcome to Monday and this Phone Mistress is in a bit of a mood. Cant say why just one of those days where perhaps the daylights savings thing got me all twisted and out of sorts. Lucky for you pathetic fuck ups you get to benefit from my eh mood. For all I can think about is having some worthless shit worship my ass.

face sitting phone sex

Oh not how your thinking. Its not gonna be one of those pleasurable experiences where you get to lay on your belly and bask in my beautiful voluptuous form laying before you.

Fuck that shit!

Today its all about you being smothered by my big round ass during some face sitting phone sex. Yes that is how I see you worshiping my ass today. Struggling with the possibility to breath. Oh wait that might give away some of the surprise of what all I had in store for you today.


Anyway you slice it you will not be able to view my gorgeous Goddess form for you will be too busy starting at this full round ass sitting upon your face. Your gasps for air will be the happiness to my otherwise dreary day.

So which one of you fuck up is ready to engage in some face sitting phone sex fantasies with this voluptuous domme?

Oh dont all hide away. For just cause I am in a certain mood doesnt mean I will be completely vicious. I mean I could very well let you have some fun slapping your cock while your tongue is circling my asshole.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Well it seems that this time of year has most in a blasphemous sort of mood. Down with the church and fuck Jesus type thing. Is is the shortening of the day? Feeling the effects of the moon more? Or you just find as there is more darkness you can dive into those more sadistic areas of your soul?

Really the reason why you feel the need for a blasphemous phone sex fantasy is of no concern for myself but I do often like hearing your stories. Listening to you struggle to say why the change of heart to welcome in Satan and fuck Jesus with a crucifix type thing.

blasphemy phone sex fantasy

Please dont tell me its the fact Halloween is fast approaching cause we both know this level of blasphemy isnt brought on by a mere holiday. Even if its the best holiday of the year.

Most likely the truth is you find your able to admit your deepest darkest secrets around the great and grand Jesus. How all those years of praying to him as left you soulless. That the Halloween decorations only remind you of the fun you could have if you dare step to a darker side. A side without all the fucking rules on how to behave.

Seriously, when it comes to Satanism all that is asked of you is not to be a fucking douche. Eat what you want. Fuck who you please. Self pleasuring is encouraged by the way. See sounds way better than what that long haired, robe wearing hippie has made you do. Pretty sure Jesus is out back fucking the donkeys anyways. So time you enjoy your body as it was intended.

With saying that I suppose now is where I say, “you would be correct with your assumption that I do not adhere to the words of “God”.”

No mythical entity will dictate my life in such a manner with unpleasing rules. Course that doesnt open the door to you pissant being able to fuck me. For I shall always be outside your realm of possibilities.

You know my number in which to dial for the most sinful of religious blasphemy phone sex calls. Just ask for Shiva the darkest Mistress you will ever meet.


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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Admittedly I find very little use for you pathetic servants. However, today I have one for you. A rather specific group of pathetic minions would be of use to me today. See I am looking out at my dungeon and it is in quite a mess.

phone sex sissy maid

Sure as a BBW Domme admitting my place is in upheaval is a bit of a no no in my books. For I do believe cleanliness is well everything. Unfortunately my schedule has not allowed me to keep up with my tidying up of things.

So this is where a phone sex sissy maid would be lovely. Someone to crawl in and do all the fall cleaning that I really have no desire to do. From the dusting to removing of cobwebs that have found their way to the far off corners.

Yes I would expect you to wear something extremely appropriate for you are a sissy maid so I would probably have to start with the most basic of preparation with you from the shaving of your naughty bits to the putting on of your crinoline. A pretty pink latex maids uniform will be waiting for you. I know black is more traditional but seeing how you are a phone sex sissy maid you most likely will wet your panties over pink. And really black should be reserved for myself the ultimate BBW Domme.

Once you have literally cleaned my dungeon you will then get the joy of cleaning all my sex toys. If you have been a good sissy maid I may get them dirty with you. Course that is all dependent on your actions. For I shall not reward naughty sissy maids.


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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