Goddess Shiva.
Mistress Shiva.
Domina Shiva.
I am the fucking deity you will pray to on a full moon.
I am the one that will make you forget your petty beliefs, religions, sexual desires and the like. Realizing that falling to your knees before My precious alter is where you need to be.
I am patient.
I am understanding.
But I do not tolerate stupidity.
The rules are simple.
I am in control.
I am the one to make the rules.

Now that we have that out of the way. Lets move on the the back ground shit. For some reason you creeps need to know who you call Mistress. If you ask Me. This moment in time is all that matters. Well this and your future servitude.

I wanted to be a nurse but realized that helping people was not really what I wanted. I preferred to hear the screaming of pain, to the nurturing and emptying bed pan crap. My first introduction to the fetish world was a BDSM party. My best friend took me to a very exclusive party where the women took control (as it should be). The men were force to strip down to leather thongs and wear dog collars. The scent of burning flesh was the first thing you noticed there.  That and the screams of “More Mistress, please.”. I stood at that whipping post for hours watching slave boy after slave boy receive their lashings. Till the whipping Mistress ask if I wanted a turn. The weight of that whip in my hand was amazing. The time it took to get just the right snap. The feeling the whip has when it makes contact with bare flesh. I got off on that power. I knew then and there that I was always meant to be a Mistress. Hell I am named after a God after all. The sensation of leather and latex against My skin. Well you freakoids know what I am talking about. I am a latex lover. Half my closet is fetish wear. The other half is fetish equipment.

I grew up in a happy home with both parents. I have always been different as My parents would say. They wanted a sweet girl, a pure girl. What they got was a girl who watched The Adams Family reruns and wanted to be Wednesday torturing her brother. I am named after a Goddess all pure and enlightened. Sugary sweet really, I am NOT. If I want sweet I will go to Godiva’s and get a box of chocolate truffles. I do live up to My Goddess name, the Goddess of destruction. The destroyer of your sexual faith. I am the chick that would go to the free clinic and get excited at the though of an internal exam. Warm the equipment up? What the hell for! The sensation of getting pierced gets Me wet. Tattoos excite Me. My art work is ever expanding. Tarot Cards. Fetish books. Vampire books. Domination books are what I read.

I am naturally DOMINANT. Not bitchy just DOMINANT. I am extremely sensual just not with YOU.