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Shall never deny that I have a certain fondness for fantasies that revolve around the destruction of a man’s testicles. It has a certain something that just excites ME. Which for those who are true submissives know is the ultimate dream to actually excite their Phone Mistress. The last bit My amusement has come from R who craves to have his balls harmed during a ball busting phone sex fantasy.

Each session has a different fantasy but the end result is always the same crushing of the balls.

Now we all know that various forms of pain does bring a smile to My face, I shall never lie about this fact but it does add a certain excitement to the ball destruction fantasy when I am acting rather sweetly and take him off guard. Yes I know your femdom acting sweetly but I am one that likes to keep men on their toes so really it should come as no surprise consider it rather a black widow type of move. Lure him in with a gentle smile only to destroy what he holds dear.

Mind you there is absolutely no fucking in these fantasies which probably grabs my attention completely. The idea that I am crushing his balls before they even get to blow a messy load. That I am punishing him for even getting a hard on while looking at My glorious body. So why wouldnt I coax him in with some sweetness so to speak. Make that cock hard as possible without even so much as a touch.

Our conversation last weekend took the course of him wishing I would bust his balls in public. To stand outside on a street and feel me crack a nut right there in front of people. I rather liked the idea Myself for I turned it around so that it was one of those we were out for dinner one of those first dating things. He is beyond horny looking at My glorious full figure. The curves of My ass just making his dick rock hard and balls extra full with semen.

I, of course, have absolutely no interest in him. It was more I was there cause I didnt want to cook that night.

Get out on the street and give him a hug. Can feel that raging hard on against My hip. Him whispering what a nice time he had with Me. Course who wouldn’t I mean I am an amazing date and any man would be lucky to go out with Me. I lift My leg up and start rubbing My knee over his nut sack. Feeling those delicate walnuts roll back and forth over My knee. Him trying to kiss My neck figuring he has the green light.

Oh please do boy!

As he really gets into it that is when I take My leg away and smack it right back with a hard thump into his scrotum.


Now I could tell you the rest but honestly I am a black widow and that is all you get for I am merely here to lure you back into My glorious web. Besides its R wonderful ball busting phone sex fantasy and who am I to tell all the wonderful details. That should be enough. R since your reading this I am sure your getting hard all over again rethinking the conversation we had.

Goddess Shiva


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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humiliation phone sex

Have you been howling at the full moon? Well I know I have been enjoying the full moon. For I draw most of My energy from the moon. Well actually, I would have to say I gain it from pain sluts listening to them scream in agony. I suppose some would say that would make Me a succubus. Only one problem with that train of thought. For Me to be a succubus it would require Me to sleep with the weak and pathetic. Not My thing. Now Vampire. That is my thing. Draining you of your very soul through your sexual fetishes.
Mistress’ phone has been ringing. Very good minions. For this pleases Mistress. On the other end have been some who greet Me with, “i kneel before you Mistress.” Of course the next thing out of your filthy mouth better be what kink and fetish phone sex your looking for. For I will make this perfectly clear. I work for a TABOO PHONE SEX company not some psychic network. Now for those that are able to speak up and tell Me what filth resonates within their mind. This being PHONE HUMILIATION. Religious. Racial. There is NO stopping this PHONE MISTRESS when HUMILIATION is involved.


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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