Castration Fantasy with Mistress Shiva

Castration Fetish: FemDom Phone Sex

The other week a certain admirer of my castration phone sex blogs was finally able to contact me. Seems our schedules had yet to line up so he was constantly being teased by my writings on his favorite fetish. Well lucky for him and we rather unlucky for his balls our schedules managed to sync up.

castration fantasy

Our interaction began with him showering me in compliments. Heads up future callers you can never go wrong with flattering your Phone Mistress, for we do enjoy being gushed over. We than began a discussion on his castration fetish and well how he enjoys the build up of the ball chopping fantasy.

Those that have read my blogs will know that I enjoy a good build up when it comes to making someone a eunuch as well. Its rather nice to take your time vs rush to the slicing. I want you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Those balls full and plump before I take them and add them to my collection. Surely you can agree you want your last time with your balls to be a memorable one.

As we had a rather nice discussion over teasing ones balls before removing them. The castration fantasy just sort of morphed for that. It was a slow seamless transition from talking about likes and dislikes to please lay down in the bed and allow me to torment you.

Ok so I didnt ask him so nicely to lay down there might of a been a bit of a push but he really did want it.

Now I could tell you all about how delicately I castrated him but like I said that would ruin the fun. For it was the teasing that lead up to the castration that created the best orgasm. So I shall merely tease you now with how things went after he was strapped down to my brass bed.

If you have a castration fantasy and are looking for someone to remove those useless testicles then you may give me a call.

Just ask for Mistress Shiva.

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