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Being a voluptuous woman there are certain things men will notice about Me. Yes My curves are one. The other thing is My amazing thighs. So muscular, meaty and strong. This is what a certain someone noticed about Me when they came crawling on their knees. Sure it was to show they knew their proper place but ultimately it was so they could get a better view of My legs. You would of thought to worship them but no they were looking for the right Domina who could squeeze the very life from them during a crushing phone sex fantasy.

Oh yes that did bring a smile to my red ruby lips, I will not lie. It was amazing to not only have a man bow before me as they asked me to stop their very breath with my thighs. Usually I am destroying orgasms and balls. This was going to be far more fun!

To actually listen to someone gasp for very life. Hmm how could I refuse such a fantasy. Yes perhaps the idea is rather taboo but really this is phone sex and unless you seek to be fucked most fantasies are welcomed.

crushing phone sex fantasy

It was rather simple, the crushing phone sex fantasy that is. He wanted to slip between my legs and course I opted to wear my yoga pants for that material just hugged every muscle on my thigh. So why not wear something that would enhance my muscles as they rippled and burst during the crushing.

There he was as I wrapped my legs around him. Latching my ankles together and began to squeeze with all my might. Channeling every other strong Goddess before me.

Feeling my muscles tense.



Yes even though he wanted to be crushed by a strong femme domme’s legs he did beg for breathe. Rather funny dont you think? The thing he desired most in the world and he was begging to be leg go. Now I am not cruel and heartless. I mean I did let him go a few times just so he could catch his breath and well so my little caught mouse was still able to play. I do hate when my toys pass out before I am done playing.

This little tease and denial only added to the crushing phone sex fantasy. One I am always looking forward too. For this wasnt our last introduction together. He has become a regular to begging for my legs to wrap around him.

Do you have a fantasy around being crushed by a strong dominant woman? Then give me a call I would love to wrap my legs around you. Or arms. Which ever gets you excited the most.


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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submissive phone sex

Often times I get ask if I have a lover. This makes Me fucking laugh. Do I seem like I am asexual to you? Void of sexual desires or hunger of the flesh?

I can see how this would confuse you when I deny you men who call Me the pleasure of My glorious voluptuous body. However the answer is most simple. you do not turn Me on.

Submissive men are rather repulsive. Its pussy repellent things just dry up down there. I only fuck real men the men who know their way around a bedroom and most importantly a woman.

There is no asking if they are doing something right. There is no am I pleasing you Mistress bullshit. This man knows from his very core that his actions are pleasing.

I can look into his eyes and see a hot intense passion not weak coward. Sure you submissive phone sex men are good for a few things like being a clean up boy during a cuckold fantasy or well venting my sexual frustrations when I am thirsty for a good fuck aka will abuse you.

Now as I write this I suppose that is why I adore castration fantasies so much the ability to remove your worthless balls and make you incapable of fucking or really begging to fuck. Hmmmm shivers of happiness up My spine.

For honestly, do you submissive men really need balls or a cock to please your Mistress? Highly unlikely unless your a orgasm denial blue balls boy. You have no need for them at all.

So since your not out fucking give Me a call and make yourself useful for once.

Goddess Shiva.

Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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minions. PHONE MISTRESS has found a shoe slut to tend to my closet full of boots and shoes. I must say I stumbled upon him by accident, as I always do. I was attending a friends birthday and there he was staring at MY patent leather mary janes, really this function did not call for MY boots. I can always tell someone has a certain fetish. 1) They will always stare at the item in question. Or make casual glances to it when talking to them. It can be breasts, stockings, or feet. 2) you mouths salivate. That drool aways give it away. I had really no intention of taking on a slave. But MY shoes were getting dust. I hate taking out a pair of shoes and having to take care of them first before putting them on. A PHONE MISTRESS should never be seen in dusty or dirty shoes unless of course it is during a session with a worthless shoe scum. Then all rules are off and new ones are created. While I was talking to him I could gauge his submissiveness. For when it was a conversation between us he would always look to the floor. Yes, someone who has had training. I pulled him close and I had a job for him since he spent so much time staring at MY shoes. he was to call ME.

Have to say the next day, MY phone was ringing. Shoe slave was on the phone and ready to serve. I gave him his orders over the phone. he showed up at MY door. Stripped upon entering and put on a black g-sting that had the word slave stitched on the front. he had brought ME lunch and was told where the kitchen was and was to prepare MEĀ  a meal before diving into cleaning MY shoes. The thing I love about those g-strings is they never lie. I can always see exactly how excited MY slaves get when I give them a task. The mere mention of shoes had him in ecstasy. When he hit the shoe closet he was waiting for the command where he could drop to his knees and clean my shoes with his worm tongue.

As you can see PHONE MISTRESS has been busy. Not to mention the full moon came upon us last night. That meant seattle slut was dialing MY number for some punishment from his MISTRESS. his month long ORGASM DENIAL was about to intensify. During this month we have done some ORGASM EDGING only to increase the frustration within the slaves time of orgasm with holding. I have pondered the thought of putting him in CHASTITY lately. That would be enjoyable for ME.

Goddess Shiva


Goddess Shiva, Mistress of Dark Fetishes
1-888-904-9766 Kneel when asking for Mistress
ExtremeDomina is My aim and yahoo use it wisely.

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