Slave in Chastity for Mistress Shiva | Domination Phone Sex: Finanical Domme:

Castration Fetish: FemDom Phone Sex


slave ken has been in chastity for 30 days. Knowing he hasnt orgasmed for that time frame only brings a smile to My face. Knowing he is squirming in that chastity device well that warms My soul.

Hearing him beg for some form of release. Well being a Phone Domme its what I do live for. It excites Me. I know you lowly souls have been wondering what does excite Me and that is it. Knowing your unable to orgasm in any fashion excites Me beyond believe.

What would make Me down right orgasm well that shall have to wait for another blog as I dont feel you can handle that information at the moment. Just knowing what makes Me wet is probably enough excitement for your worthless cock.

As for slave ken he is about ready to call in for his dose of cock teasing so that we can truly make those balls blue. Nothing like knowing that cock is pushing up against that cage and leaking precum against the lock. Rather a sexy image if you ask Me.

So slave ken you best be striping and preparing for your chastity phone sex call. The rest of you well maybe its time you think about locking up your worthless balls and doing everyone else a favor.

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