Castration Phone Domina | Domination Phone Sex: Finanical Domme:

Castration Fetish: FemDom Phone Sex

I have been known to stroke a few cocks in MY time. That doesn’t mean that I will let you cum. For I do not feel that your cock is worth reaching an ORGASM.

Some call it an ORGASM DENIAL but for this FETISH DOMINA, I have something much more intense in mind that just telling you not to orgasm. I am going to make it so you never reach an orgasm again. Thats right! I am going to remove those pea size balls forever.

CASTRATION PHONE SEX is what is on the tip of MY tongue. Having you stroke that cock till your begging your PHONE DOMME for that orgasmic release. Only to have ME laugh in your face while I am slicing those wrinkled scrotum sacs open. Letting those balls fall down between your knees.

Good luck reaching an orgasm again when your balls have been removed.


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